Christmas day survivor marathon

upside down head

Hi, welcome to our solo Christmas day survivor marathon.
I will be running a solo marathon to raise funds for Teenage Cancer Trust who as the name suggests provide care, treatment and support for teenagers with cancer and their families.

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I will be running the 26.2 miles on behalf of Georgia Dodsworth who wishes to thank the trust for the care and support she received during her time with cancer, happily Georgia is now cancer free.
We would also like to mention Tanya Dodsworth who during this difficult period gave love  and unwavering support to her beautiful daughter.

Georgia & Tanya : Beautiful heads

Setting off at 4 am it is more than likely i will see Santa as i believe he delivers to Manchester last so i will give him a wave, for the good kids anyway ;-)

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Firstly i will run down to Manchester United's Old Trafford then on to Manchester City's Ethiad stadium, on to Rochdale's Spotland and finally Oldham Athletics's Boundary park, so if you see a rather knackered upside down head running past , give us a nod but no mince pies am on a diet..
Thank you D Charlesworth

upside down head