Courage over Fear Foundation

Hi and welcome to the Courage over Fear Foundation.
We created our Courage over Fear motto over 5 years ago now and often wondered what we could do with it in real terms, the world is full of cliches and motivational rubbish that are all well and good but seem a little shallow and pretentious.
With that in mind we have decided to create the Courage over Fear Foundation raising funds minus the relentless and annoying begging adverts, the 8 hours of celebrity blackmail and donations being used to pay a charity C.E.O on 200K a year.
How Does It Work ?
keeping it as simple as possible we will take direct donations from as little as £5 and pool that money until it reaches £100 and then we will purchase £100 worth of toiletries, sandwiches and tobacco and hand it out to the homeless ourselves, simple. 100% direct charity giving.
All donations and accounts will be made available upon the £100 targets.
Please be aware this is not official registered charity they wanted over a grand to register, we would rather give that to people that need it.
Location/ Charities
Initially we will be taking provisions into Manchester City Centre for the homeless as we are based in Manchester, eventually we would like to expand the foundation to other cities and charities, helping them directly, from buying food for the homeless to purchasing toys and days in the swimming pool for children with terminal illness, all from your donations.
Volunteers are welcome to come into town with us and help hand out the provisions for more info please contact us at
Go Brutal - Courage over Fear